April-Painting on Tiles

April 6, 2023

Presented by Susie S

The class was held in the Blandy Experimental Farm ‘Classroom’ with great enthusiasm. Susie brought a large selection of glazing paints, brushes, tissue paper and pens. Each member worked on a small square tile, painting whatever subject they chose. Once completed, Susie took the tiles to her studio, where she will fire the tiles. The art shown here are the tiles before being fired. Susie will be bringing the group their “fired” tiles to the May class. And the final tiles will be shown in the May entry.

It will be fun to see what the final “fired” art looks like on each tile.

The finished tiles – all glazed. Thanks Susie!

Painting the Still Life

February 2. 2023

Presented by Patsy and Gail

At its best, a still life will tell a story important to the artist whether it is as simple as your grandmother’s favorite teapot and cup along with a few eggs or it’s a highly challenging array of shiny glass and silver.

December – Christmas Cards

In December, we are working virtually to create Christmas and Holiday cards to share on here.

Sally’s holiday tags

Hope your Christmas is full of joy and that the New year is one of your best ever. – Gail
‘Tis the Season – Gwen
Merry Christmas to all! – Patsy
“He’s got the whole world in his hand“ – Edel

GinkgoFest at Blandy

The weather cooperated for the GinkgoFest at Blandy on October 29th. Several BSG artists made it to the Ginkgo Grove to paint the golden leaves.

(L) Ann St Clair Lesman (C) Bob Lesman (R) Gail Gramprie

Lynden Willingham

Cheryl Voytek – created a Slate Tile Ginkgo painting

Gwen Casey-Higgins
painted in her home studio from a photo she took at the grove a few days before GinkgoFest.