JULY – Ceramics

Susie led the group in painting/glazing tiles, mugs, pitchers and vases.


What a colorful group of projects – waiting to be fired.


June – Loose Acrylic Palette Knife Painting

Cheryl gave a great presentation on palette knife painting materials, techniques and displayed some of her own paintings.

Chrissy Gordon gave demos on using palette knife and acrylic painting techniques – and provided lots of feedback to each participant as they worked.

palette knife (6)

October – The Color of Light

Walta brought great props for us to paint using the color of light.

In this activity, each person selected item to create an individual still life.  Then we painted using only light, medium or dark values using white, gray and black.  In the next phase we replaced light with red, dark with blue, and medium with red.  In the final phase, we added local color over the value painting.

A fun and challenging workshop!